FocusPoint Automation

What We Do

We focus on intelligent automation within the normative project and application lifecycle processes. This allows clients to leverage our technical capabilities, third-party solutions, automation assets, and APIs to meet business requirements and technical solution design specifications. Our team designs, creates and implements forms, workflows and bots to automate business processes and meet IT needs based on varying levels of complexity and scale.

Why is This Relevant?

FocusPoint has designed and implemented technology solutions that have automated business processes from simple Vacation Requests and On-Boarding Procedures to complex processes such as Vendor Compliance Management and Policy and Procedure Reviews. We have helped numerous organizations increase sustainability, streamline processes, and maximize return for effort.

RPA Development and Implementation

Successfully implementing RPA requires a deep understanding of existing business processes and their suitability for automation. Strategies include communicating transparency in RPA strategy (e.g. increased focus on value-added actives) as well as ensuring that adoption goes beyond the end user and incorporates IT as well. IT plays a critical role in a successful deployment, and FocusPoint will customize solutions to successfully support and enhance RPA programs.

Workflow Automation Development and Implementation

Workflow automation helps you focus your work efforts by pointing you to automating any business process to maximize time and efficiency while also automating document generation. Manual, time-consuming tasks are transformed into sophisticated processes that propel your business forward. Our Workflow Automation Experts have years of experience with the leading Workflow Tools and can assist your organization from planning and development to implementation and on-going support.