FocusPoint Technology

Organizations are expanding business models to increase productivity, improve customer experience and optimize business processes leveraging new technologies and digital transformation. These transformations often require:

  • Strategic guidance - to develop, implement and deploy the right technologies
  • New skills - with specific technical capabilities and implementation experience
  • Extended project teams - capable of scaling up or down based on project demand

FocusPoint Delivery Model

FocusPoint uses a flexible delivery model that transforms your organization through the creation of the right team that can scale up or down quickly and cost-efficiently.

The FocusPoint Technology difference offers:

  • Bandwidth to prevent burdening full-time employees to deliver on projects
  • Ability to scale up or down as needed
  • Cost efficiencies through automation and scalable workforce

We have the flexibility to tailor our delivery models to meet your organizational needs, by offering:

Brand Delivery

Project leadership delivered in collaboration with skilled resources. Local, specialized talent with the option to convert to permanent.

Onshore Delivery

Solutions Service Center located in the Southeast U.S. built with a wide array of reliable efficient talent.

Offshore Delivery

Services built by our team and provided in conjunction with our off shore solutions partners.

We understand that no two technology projects are exactly alike, and we work closely with you to create customized flexible solutions designed around your specific goals and initiatives. We help your business focus on its competitive edge with hand-selected, hard-to-find skilled tech consultants, candidates, and solutions.