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FocusPoint Financial specializes in placing skilled senior-level accounting, finance and business systems professionals on a project or consulting basis.

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The Unexpected

What unexpected business environment are you currently facing?

Are you considering a merger? Acquisition? Divestiture? Are you dealing with a backlog that needs immediate clean-up and a long-term solution? Maybe you’re wondering how to tackle the implementation of a new financial system or process. Or perhaps you need to address performance issues but aren’t sure where to start.

You’re Not Alone

When challenges feel insurmountable, business leaders turn to us. They look for support in finance and accounting challenges. Our solutions support industries like manufacturing, healthcare, technology, financial services, and government. Our partners expect cost-effective, scalable, efficient solutions.

We are a single organization able to completely integrate our consulting and resource matching expertise. We provide project management and consulting experience in conjunction with a nationwide network of professional resources.

You’ll have one point of contact who will manage the carefully selected team of specialists ready to focus on you. When your mission is accomplished, we’ll move on — letting you run your business more efficiently and leanly.

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