Travel Nurse

You can tap into our resources for travel nurses to have the best possible experience before, during and after your placement.

Travel Nurse

State License Requirements

  • Walk through the license requirements that vary for each state.
  • The AANP lists Emergency State Licensure for COVID-19 Response.
  • What are the compact states?
    Compact states removed regulatory obstacles for nurses through the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact. Find out which states participate as compact states.
  • How long does it take to get a nurse license in each state?
    Every state has different requirements including some temporary permits. Check out the full break down of nurse licensing in each state. 

Courses and Certification

For access to courses and certifications, we recommend Sim Med’s online resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay and Taxes

How do I handle taxes while I travel?
We recommend TravelTax as specialists for preparing multi and cross-state taxes. 

How can I be prepared for state lodging tax requirements?
Use Avalara’s State Lodging Center to check your tax rate.

What will my take home pay be?
You can use this resource to determine your take home pay

Researching Hospitals

How can I research the hospital I will be placed at?
Your Nurse Advocate will have information specific to your placement. You can read reviews from nurses of hospitals and agencies before making a decision.


Flexible Living Made Easy

We’ve partnered with Landing to offer our nurses access to a network of fully furnished apartments across the country. Landing offers its members competitive pricing, no long-term leases, deposits, or application fees, and the ability to transfer within its network of over 35,000 apartments across 200+ cities in our most popular states including California, New York, Florida, and Texas, with incredible ease. Our goal is to help simplify your next move, so you can take the assignments you need without the stress of searching for a safe, comfortable place to live.

Landing – Travel with FocusPoint to receive a discount on Landing Reservations

Additional Accommodation Resources:

Parking Apps

As you travel, parking apps become one of your closest friends. We recommend you download these parking apps.

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